ROOTSCAREER K.K. would like to work passionately with you to select exceptional talent based on your specifications, so that they can drive growth, add value and play a significant role in your esteem organization to keep you ahead in the market.

Our main focus is to thoroughly grasp your mindset, culture and functional specifications which will allow us to introduce professionals in timely manner so that it helps you achieve your goals and objectives. We look forward to build a longterm partnership with you and your esteem organization.

Our goal is to deliver the results in timely manner for retained clients. Partnering with ROOTSCAREER K.K. will enable you to have access to an experienced and dedicated team, with splendid consulting, industry and recruiting expertise. ROOTSCAREER K.K. has a client first approach and this help us to deliver in promised time frame with high quality. We work with highly talented and with vast experience research team to provide top tier retained search service to our client.

A simple introduction of professionals by ROOTSCAREER K.K. will never satisfy us and that's why we work as first line of screening of professionals for our clients. We share in depth screening assessments of each professionals introduced. We will work with selected professionals to help them integrate with your organization and help them start a new career with minimum hurdles. We aspire to be true partner in your strategy to build strong result oriented and reliable teams of professionals.

ROOTSCAREER will periodically share the market challenges and information with our clients, so that they can align hiring strategy based on latest information’s.

At the same time, we will align our focus to your urgent needs and support you with our highly experienced and talented recruiting professionals.

We look forward to share multi-lingual, experienced professionals from top tier firms who are the right match for your requirements.

We are professionals who will be ambassador for your esteemed organization and at the same time will perform first line of screening of professionals for you.